Mammoth Mountain Today 4-30-2015 |

Mammoth Mountain is open with Spring Skiing and Riding on a 8-40 inch base, with the best snow from MC Coy Station to the top.


Photos – McLeod Lake – April 28th, 2015

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McLeod Lake – Trail Report – 4-28-2015 – Mammoth Lakes Basin |

The trail to McLeod is clear at first. However, there is still plenty of snow in areas that the trail has already been packed down by hikers or in the shade. This is a great hike right now, check it out today.

Mammoth Lakes Today 4-24-2015 | Daily Action, Adventure Weather & Conditions |

Merry Fishmas Eve, we are expecting some snow & rain showers today with a winter advisory for Saturday from 5am to 5pm.

Highs today around 50 in Mammoth Lakes, with lows in the 30’s. Highs on Saturday around 37 in Mammoth with a 42 in Crowley Lake.

Snow is likely on Saturday down to 6000 feet with 1-3 inches possible around Hwy 395 and the Crowley area. Mammoth Lakes is forecast to pick up 4-8 inches with 10+ inches possible int he Lakes Basin and over Mammoth Mountain Ski area.

By Sunday we start to warm up a bit and then next week things get spring like with highs in the upper 60s by Wednesday and Thursday