1-3-2018 Mammoth Snowman Report – MammothSnowman.com

Still some great snow out on the hill and now it looks like a bit more on the way to refresh things. Use the link below for my detailed snow and weather report. see ya out on the hill first thing in the morning. >>>>>>>>>>


Mammoth Snowman Report 12-15-2017 – MammothSnowman.com

If you like some killer groomed snow now is the time to hit Mammoth Mountain. So much fun.. check out Snowman’s detailed mountain write up, video snow tour and 50 fresh images we just posted up. Use the link below to see it all >>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Mammoth Snowman Report 4-3-2017 – MammothSnowman.com

4-3-2017 – 9AM – Good morning from Mammoth Mountain, we have clear skies over the hill today. We had a dusting of snow around 5pm last yesterday with rain and hail below 8500 feet.

Looks like a big storm at the end of the week is on the way… powder hounds be ready… read more at the link below ….>>>>>>

Mammoth Snowman Update 10-17-2016 – MammothSnowman.com

10-17-2016 – 7:41 AM – Snow day with snow on the ground down to 8000 feet. Looks like main lodge as 3-6 inches with 1-2 feet being reported up top along with 5-6 foot snow drifts from the 100 MPH winds. The snow that is on the ground has a ratio of about 5:1, this is some thick wet base snow. Taking a look at current conditions: At this time we have rain in town with snow falling from about chair 4 all the way up to the top.