Mammoth Snowman Update 10-31-2016 – Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

10-31-2016 – 5:30 AM – Good morning from Mammoth Mountain we picked up about 7 inches of snow at Main Lodge after the rain ended Sunday afternoon. That snow came after we had picked up well over 2 inches of rain.

No idea what the snow totals at MC Coy or up Top are at this point. The snow levels at times went well above 11,000 feet so we will have to wait for the sun to come out and word from Vince up top. What ever did fall will be some great base to get the season started.

Click below for my full Monday morning report… images and video later today!


Mammoth Snowman Update 10-27-2016 – Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

So the weather is going to get exciting and wet over the next 6-10 hours here in Mammoth. Get all the fine details on our home page today! I will post lots of updates during this storm cycle. Pray for snow…

Mammoth Snowman Update 10-17-2016 –

10-17-2016 – 7:41 AM – Snow day with snow on the ground down to 8000 feet. Looks like main lodge as 3-6 inches with 1-2 feet being reported up top along with 5-6 foot snow drifts from the 100 MPH winds. The snow that is on the ground has a ratio of about 5:1, this is some thick wet base snow. Taking a look at current conditions: At this time we have rain in town with snow falling from about chair 4 all the way up to the top.

Mammoth Mountain Snowman Update 10-15-2016

10-15-2016 – 7:41 AM – First Dusting, yes we got our first dusting of snow on Friday after lunch. The front came in and snow levels came down to the top of Broadway.

Looking at the cams it would be safe to say there is about 1-2 inches of new snow at the sign up at 11,530 feet. There are some cam shots of the snow at Chair 3 and at the sign down the page.

Taking a look at current conditions: Up top we have a cloud sitting over the mountain with little visibility . Winds are gusting in excess of 80 MPH out of the SW and the temperature is sitting at 31. … Check out today post at for the full details… the storm is looking a bit more wet at this time! 🙂