Mammoth Snowman Storm Update 10-29-2017 –

Are you ready for a taste of winter? – Looks like we have the first significant winter storm of the new season on the way. Confidence is now growing in a system that moves in late Friday and lasts into Sunday. >>>> Click below for are full report….>>>>>


Winter Storm Warning – Weather Guy Update 3-4-16 | Mammoth Mountain Weather

Snowfall develops tonight with snow levels around 7.5K with about 6 inches by morning. After a brief break, snow develops again by midday along with gusty winds and continues through Saturday night with blizzard conditions around midnight Saturday and very early Sunday.

Snow tapers a bit Sunday during the day, then increases again Sunday afternoon and night and continues at times into midday Monday before ending Monday night.

There could be some light snow Wednesday morning, otherwise the next storm arrives as early as Thursday night with snow likely Friday and into Saturday the following weekend.

More snow possible Sunday night or early the following week before dry weather returns for a bit just after mid-month. Continued storminess, but probably not big storms, could then continue at times into the end of the month.

Major Storm Cycle on the Way – Powder Forecast Outlook Numbers

Snowfall forecasts are for the Sesame snow course (Main Lodge)
Fri 3/4 = 1 – 2” (H20 = 0.15” – 0.20”)
Sat 3/5 = 2 – 4” (H20 = 0.35” – 0.50”)
Sun 3/6 = 19 – 22” (H20 = 2.25” – 2.75”)
Mon 3/7 = 15 – 18” (H20 = 1.50” – 1.75”)
Tue 3/8 = 3 – 4” (H20 = 0.25” – 0.50”)
Wed – Fri 3/9 – 11 = 25 – 35”
March Forecast = 120 – 150”
use the link below for the fine details

Winter Storm Warning from 7pm till noon on Thursday – Riders of The Storm in the morning…

Good morning from Mammoth Mountain, are you ready for a return to winter weather conditions? It looks like Thursday morning will be a “riders of the storm” event for the first few hours. If you have been waiting for Powder NOW is the time to get up to Mammoth for the Thursday and Friday sessions.

Winter Storm Warning For Mammoth Mountain – Powder coming are you?

Snowfall forecasts are for the Sesame snow course (Main Lodge) as reported in the AM snow report from MMSA.
Wed 2/17 = 0”
Thu 2/18 = 17 – 19” (H2O = 1.90” – 2.10”)
Fri 2/19 = ~ 1” (H2O = 0.05” – 0.10”)

Hawaii Just Got Hit By A July Snow Storm |

August 2nd, 2015 – by Chloe Fox – July snowstorms are weird enough. July snowstorms in Hawaii boggle the mind. But that’s what happened at the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island on Friday morning.

The combination of passing thunderstorms and near-freezing temperatures led to 1.5 inches of snow and icy conditions, according to a ranger’s report.