8-31-2015 – Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast

8-31-2015 – 7:02AM– Good Monday Morning from Mammoth Lakes.   Clear skies at this time as the upper level winds are blowing the smoke band south of Mammoth.  We expect to see the band of smoke work it s way back into the Mammoth area later today.  There is no way to forecast for sure when the smoke will make it to Mammoth Lakes each day.  If the fires explodes smoke will become moderate at times.  Of course this is all from the The Rough fire that has been going for a month now. Current Conditions:  Here at the 8175 foot level I have a 44, at main lodge its 44 and at the top of Mammoth Mountain it s 50. Winds are WSW at Main to 5-13 MPH and up top SW to 5-15 MPH.  The humidity level is at  53% and dew points are at 28.4°F. Mammoth Lakes Forecast:  Highs will be in the 70s in town with 60s on Mammoth Mountain and up in the Lakes Basin.  With the 50 s above the 9500 foot level.  Lows in the area will be in the 40s for all elevations.   Expect southwest winds 15 t


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