History of Mammoth Mountain Opening and Closing Dates | MammothSnowman.com

One of the main stats I have always loved to look at was the opening and closing dates overs the years at Mammoth Mountain. They used to included this information right in the history of Mammoth Mountain Snowfall chart but it got deleted when they updated that spread sheet a few years back.

Below is a list of the open and closing dates we have at this time. At some point we will try to go forward and back in time to complete this entire list. I will put a call into Dave MC Coy, maybe he has it written down for the real early days of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

As a added bonus we have a desktop screen shot of the old snowfall history for Mammoth Mountain that included the dates we have listed below for you. Enjoy the information and I look forward to meeting you out on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain.


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