A Perfect Hot Summer Week is in the Forecast

8-17-2015 – 7:15 AM – Good morning from Mammoth Lakes, we have clear skies once again today. Smoke from the Rough Fire is south of Town sitting over Crowley and then down to Bishop.  To our north we have the Little Walker Lake fire burning at the north end of the June Lake Loop.   So Mono Lake and Lee Vining are in the smoke zone, also to note due to the fire Tioga Pass is closed at this time. Current weather conditions: As of this post I have a temperature here at 8175 of 54, up at the Main Lodge it’s 59 and at the top of Mammoth Mountain it is 51. Winds are 0 MPH in town, SW 7-20 MPH at Main Lodge and over the higher elevations winds are out of the WSW @ 20-35 MPH. If your coming up for the week into the weekend it s going to feel like summer with hot and dry conditions. For those of you who like it warm this is your week.  Highs today in town look to reach 83-87 degrees.  If we get to that 87 on Tuesday, this will go down as the warmest day of the year in the high countr


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