Crystal Lake Hike | Mammoth Lakes Basin | California

Crystal Lake lies just beneath the Mammoth Crest and Crystal Crag in the Mammoth Lakes Basin at 9600 feet.

This awesome high mountain lake trail is a great place for a 3-4 hour session of Hiking & Exploring, add in Lunch and Fishing and you can make this a day trip.

The best part about Crystal Lake is it’s well away from the main Mammoth Lakes Basin Traffic and Summer crowds.

This hike takes about 30 – 60 minuets to reach Crystal Lake. You should consider this trail to be moderate in difficulty. You will be gaining about 900 vertical in rise over a 1.75 mile hike in.

This hike feels longer and steeper because of the very high elevation peaking just before you reach the lake at 9,607 feet. There are lot’s of vista point’s to stop at and rest while on your way up.

The view from some of those vista points stunning to say the least. The photo below is looking down on Lake George, Lake Mary and the Sherwin range.


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