Mammoth Mountain & Mammoth Lakes Weather Forecast

Welcome to Mammoth Lakes & Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast: Hello from Mammoth Lakes, California. Saturday finally brought about 90 minutes of solid rainfall to Mammoth Lakes and the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

The rain helped to clear out all that pollen that has been turning everything yellow in town. The storms have also cleared out the air of a lot of the smoky haze we have had in the area.

Looking at current conditions the temperature is 53 at 8200 feet with a 55 up at the Mammoth Mountain Main lodge.

Winds are at 0 in town and SSW to 15-30 MPH at the top of Mammoth Mountain. Winds will for the most part be light except under any thunder storms that develop over the next week.

Temperatures will be around 78-83 in town today. Night time lows will only be in the mid to upper 50s in the early morning hours. Lows will be near 60 by Wednesday so not much cooling off during the night time hours.


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