Mammoth Lakes & Eastern Sierra Weather Forecast

Looks like a chance for T Storms and showers are now on for Thursday into Sunday.

The NWS is calling for a 40% chance of storms of Thursday and 30% thru the weekend. It will be all rain in town with a mix of rain and snow above the 9000 foot level.

Temperatures will be around 68 in town today and then around 58 on Thursday. Over the weekend we expect highs in the lower 60s with lows in the 40’s in town.

Up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin look for high in the 50’s today 40s on Thursday and Friday and then 50s again for the weekend with lows in the 30’s.

Winds will be WSW at 5-10 in town and 15-25 over the higher elevations. Winds will be mush stronger near any thunder storms that do set up over the next few days. We will keep you updated daily.

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