2-4 Feet of new snow now forecast over Mammoth Mountain this weekend…. | MammothSnowman.com

2-6-2015 at 7:32PM – Hello everyone.

Yes we have snow falling up on Mammoth Mountain and down into the town of Mammoth Lakes at this hour.

Winds are howling up to 96+ up top with strong gusts to 75+ down canyon through out Mono County and the 395 corridor.

The good news is the one two storm punch is still on the way with a MASSIVE amount of moisture headed right for Mammoth Mountain. Most weather models are in agreement that we could see around 4-6+ inches of water content over Mammoth Mountain by late Monday.

The key to this event is it will be very warm with varying snow levels. It does look like it will be mostly snow with just a bit of rain above 9000 feet at this time. As of now the call would be for 2+ feet around the Main Lodge. Up top we could see as much as 3-4+ feet of sierra cement.

Here are the snowfall event details from the Mammoth Weather Guy.. The Snowfall forecast is for the Sesame snow course (Main Lodge) at 9000 feet.


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