Wet & Windy Weather appears on the Way for Mammoth Mountain | MammothSnowman.com

Finally it appears we have a Winter Storm approaching Mammoth Mountain.

Most weather models are in agreement that we could see 3-4 inches of water content over the top of Mammoth Mountain by late Monday.

We have two storms coming in and they will both be a bit warm. Snow levels will start out around 7500 feet and could rise above the main lodge late Saturday into Sunday. The early hours of Monday should bring the snow levels down into town once again.

So this will be a nice base storm that could drop as much as 2+ feet of Sierra Cement from MC Coy Station to the top of Mammoth Mountain by Monday night.

A word of caution, many of the storms forecast this year have been a bust. Confidence is high that will not be the case this time, but you just never know for sure. I would wait to get all excited until we see how this event pans out for Mammoth.

Weather Guy and Snowman will be coordinating several times a day and then updating this main page as we get more inf


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