September 25th Conditions on Mammoth Mountain

 9-25-2014 – 11:00 AM The window-cast from out on Mammoth Mountain is showing lot s of clouds & very windy conditions at this time. Current Weather Conditions at the Mammoth Mountain Summit we have a temperature of 41, with winds out of the SW to 60 gusting to 74 MPH. The good news today is we might see some snow showers over the next few days for the seasons first dusting of the year. At this point it looks like 2-3 inches are possible from MC Coy Station on up to the top.  Snowman will be out and about getting some fresh images and video if it does happen. Not looking like enough snow to go out and ride on the pine needles at this point, but you never know.  We will keep you updated twice a day thru Sunday with any snow news we get or see from up on the hill. Highs will be in the 30s/40s thru the weekend with lows in the lower 30s. Winds should continue to howl at times into early Sunday. The Ski Area is set to open on November 13th, 2014. If we get a 3-5 foot dump before that


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