September 21st Mammoth Mountain Weather

9-21-2014 – 9:12 AM – Rain mixed with some hail has been moving in and out of the Mammoth Mountain area over the last 18 hours. We had a pretty good lightning show over the crest last night. Devils Post Pile picked up over ½ inch of rain along with some intense lightning. Here on Mammoth Mountain we picked up just a few showers that wetted every thing down. As I am righting this post we have a brief period of heavy rain with hail mixed in falling. Current Weather Conditions: at the Mammoth Mountain Summit temperature of 41, with winds out of the S winds to 14 gusting to 19 MPH. Weather thru the upcoming week.  Highs will be in the low 70s in town dropping into the 50s by Friday and Saturday. Night time lows will be in the 40s possibly down into te 30s by next weekend along with a chance of rain showers. Snow Levels will come down to around 9000 feet by Sat/Sun morning. Winds this week will return to out of thew South West at 5-25 at times depending on your elevation. Fall Colors


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