September 21st Conditions on Mammoth Mountain

 9-21-2014 – 9:12 AM The window-cast from out on Mammoth Mountain is showing moderate rain with a slight dusting over parts of the hill from some hail that is falling mixed in with the rain. Today is the last day of Summer so get ready for Fall to start late on Monday. Below we grabbed a cam shot from the MC Coy Station Cam of the dusting of hail. So when will we get that first dusting of real snow?  We have been waiting for a real dusting of snow and it looks like late next week we could see that take place according to the ECM & GFS Weather Model Outlook s and of course our own Weather Guy. Current Weather Conditions: at the Mammoth Mountain Summit temperature of 41, with winds out of the S winds to 14 gusting to 19 MPH. For all the details on the weather use this link Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes Weather Forecast & Outlook. Fall Colors: Fall colors have begun a bit early due to the current drought. The peak should arrive in about 2 weeks in many areas of the Eastern Sierr


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