Conditions on Mammoth Mountain, California

8-18-2014 9:33 AM The window-cast from out on Mammoth Mountain is showing clear blue beautiful skies overhead with just a few high clouds. Current Weather Conditions: at the Mammoth Mountain Summit, clear with a  temperature of 48, with winds out of the SW at 28 MPH gusting to 31 MPH.  Down in the town of Mammoth Lakes we have a temperature of 62 with just a no breeze or wind at this time to 5 MPH at this time here at the 8175 foot level.  For all the details on the weather use this link Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes Weather Forecast & Outlook. On August 21st, 2014 at Canyon Lodge check out World of X Games: Mammoth Flip with Cam Zink presented by Monster Energy See the details at this link. It s a great time to come up and take some laps in the park. The Bike Park is open from top to bottom: Get more Mountain Biking details at our bike blog. Look at Mammoth Mountain from Sky Meadows  Snowmans Snow Stoke TV – Fresh Video Updates just about here… Looking forward to the 2014


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