Mammoth Chiropractic | 760-934-4449 |Review by Snowman

nowman here, I just wanted to tell you a bit about David Craig over at Mammoth Chiropractic. Back in 1991 David came in looking to buy this practice. I happened to be their and had him adjust me. I told him thanks and please by the practice or become and partner.

David did buy and I started seeing him twice a week for about 90 days.

After that I said good bye to some severe back pain that had developed after a decade of extreme mogul skiing. I went from being in pain for 5 years and having a hard time walking in the off season to a 98% pain free life.

20+ Years later if I have back or neck pain of any kind I call up Mammoth Chiropractic and get myself in for an adjustment.

When I get issues it’s more then likely I am pretending to be 22 again at age 50. lol

For me this field of medicine has been a life saver and David Craig has been a God send!

Give David a call and get out of pain today – 760-934-2400 –

Steve Taylor – The Mammo

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