7-23-2014 Hello from Mammoth Lakes, California.

7-23-2014 10:56 AM Current conditions here in Mammoth Lakes, California. We have clear skies in the area with highs headed into the 70 s today. We are getting a break from the Thunderstorm action thru Saturday and then it should be back in the Mammoth Lakes area. The rest of the looks clear with temperatures in the 70s for Mammoth Lakes, perfect summer weather.  By Friday Mammoth highs gets back into the low 80s and should stay that way for at least 3-5 days or longer. Remember we have drought & severe fire conditions in the area at this time, no camp fires out side of public campgrounds.  Use caution and do not 4 x 4 over tall grasses . and PLEASE DO NOT FEED OUR BEARS! Got Firewood? Photo By Steve Taylor Mountain Biking – Mammoth Lakes is home to miles and miles of free trails and forest service roads to ride on in the Inyo National Forest. You also have the world famous Mammoth Mountain Bike Park for downhill, cross country and hill climbing. They have over 75 miles of trails to


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