Yelp Reviews Killing Your Business?

Attention Business Owners:
Do you know what customers are saying about you online?
Are they leaving you BAD REVIEWS on sites like
Merchant Circle
etc…(about 15-20 other local review sites)

Most new customers check a companies reviews online 1st, then
decide to call you (or not).
>>> What are they going to find out when they look for you?
Biggest Internet Game Changer in 2013 for you:
“Go to, type in ANY company name and the city they’re located in”
you will get their Zaggot / Google score right there next to the website.
Is it a good score?
Is it poor?
Does it even reflect ANY reviews at all?

I can show you how to fix a bad or non-existent reputation and get you a
5 STAR REPUTATION fast. This builds TRUST with potential customers
who are looking at you online. – (916) 426-905six (Steve) –

Steve Taylor


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