Update Tuesday 8:32am

9-3-2013 8AM -With Labor Day behind us it s now time to enjoy Fall and the change over from Fall colors to the white stuff. I don t know about you but this is a very exciting time. Fall is a great time to visit before it snows and take in some cooler and get a killer bike ride or hike in. Up on Mammoth Mountain crews are getting ready for the upcoming season and the Kamikaze bike game that start on Wednesday. There are some image below of the new snow making line they are installing off the face of 5 to the Half Pipe near the top of Chair 4. Snowman will be out on a hill a couple times a week checking out whats going on and reporting it here at the web site right up until opening day. Signs of Fall, some of the Aspens in the local area are getting some Yellow leaves. Expect the colors to start turning hard in about 3 weeks. We have a Fall Colors Report page here if your interested. Here in Mammoth Lakes, we have seen a few signs of a normal to above normal winter. One sign is we have


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