Mammoth Mountain Update

8-26-2013 8AM Starting to feel a bit like early Fall out on Mammoth Mountain. Some of the Aspens in the local area are even getting some Yellow leaves and it s not even September yet. Chatting with Weather Guy, he was saying maybe a early opener with a couple storms in October. Here in Mammoth Lakes, we see a few signs of a normal to above normal winter. One sign is we have very Large Fir Pine Cones. They are so big that they are stressing out the branches they are on. These cones are also dropping lot s of sap. More then I have ever seen. We have also had lot s of troughing of the west coast this August, Winters to follow always seem to be more wet then dry. Lol, seems like every year we start getting excited about the snow season earlier and earlier. For those with kids, maybe it s the fact that school starts a month earlier then when most of us where kids. That gets the sub concussion thinking opening day is not far off. I sure hope WG is right, October Skiing and Snowboarding woul


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